The sisters vocal duo "Mel and Li-ne" is composed of two Japanese...Mel and Li-ne.

The older sister Mel creates the music with beats and melodies on her keyboard. The younger sister Li-ne expresses the sound by dancing freely.
Mel is married and has a boyfriend. Li-ne changes a great number of men like a butterfly.
The sisters are connected deeply by music and love and are settled down in the town called Koenji that receives all music, all culture and all races.

One small restaurant in downtown Koenji is their hiding place.
They escape from the world with tasty foods and alcohol. Their hidden talent gradually flowers through their encounters with people who have a great variety of characteristics.

Nowadays, they stride along the streets of Koenji donning their black MODE dresses almost every day. They sing and dance in many places. It is said that they sing and dance naturally when they feel something in the atmosphere of the place. What exactly that feeling is only known to the minds of Mel and Li-ne.

The music was mixed through their unique talent inspired by the special town of 'Koenji.' At last, their music is released from Koenji into the world.